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This variety is the original wild type of rocket variety with broad soft long leaves. It has a rich peppery flavour that is great for use in stirfries, steamed in quiches, and other cooked dishes. It can be used in salads and the flowers can be eaten in salad mixes. Produces over a very long period.

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Eruca sativa

Rocket is a peppery flavoured salad leaf which
grows well in both full sun and partial shade. It
reaches a stage where leaves can be successfully
taken after just 3-4 weeks from planting the seeds
This is the cultivated variety which has broader
and less deeply lobed than the finer leafed native
rocket type. It is very easy to grow from seed and
the flowers and buds can be used in stirfries and
salad mixes to good effect. Sow seeds in most of
the year but avoid deep winter or high summer
plantings. Sow seed 0.5-1.0cm deep and 35cm
apart. Keep soil moist and do not allow to dry out.
It is a good idea to sow a following crop every 3
to 4 weeks, to ensure a continual picking. A light
application of an organic sea weed solution every
2 weeks will generate new healthy tender growth.

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