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This variety produces 25-30 cm long pale green fruit with edible skin and delicious white flesh.  Its excellent flavour makes this one highly prized. 

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This vegetable grows on small bushes with large, coarse, hairy,grey -green leaves. The star-shaped flowers are an attractive mauve colour. This variety produces 4-5 dark purple long glossy fruit with excellent flavour. Being a native of Africa and Southern Asia, this plant requires a long, warm growing season. Plants can take from 14 to 16 weeks to bear the eggplant fruit. It is best to start seedlings in a punnet or seedling tray and plant out into the garden when around 15 cm and the soil 25 C Give plants plenty of space, about a square metre each. They require no staking until until fully laden with fruit unless planted in a windy position. Plant seeds in Tropical areas, Anytime: Subtropics from August to March: Warm Temperate areas from August to December Cool Temperate areas from October to December. Sow seeds in trays or pots 0.5 mm deep about 6-8 weeks prior to last frost. Plant seedlings 50-90 cm apart in rows 90 cm apart. Seed takes about 15 days to germinate.

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