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Culantro is widely used in seasoning and marinating in the Caribbean.

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Eryngium foetidum 

Culantro is widely used in seasoning and marinating in the Caribbean.

It is also used extensively in Thailand, India, Vietnam, and other parts
of Asia as a culinary herb. It dries well, retaining good color and flavor
making it valuable in the dried herb industry. It is sometimes used as a
substitute for cilantro, but it has a stronger taste. Apart from culinary
uses it has been used in traditional medicine for burns, earache, fevers,
hypertension, constipation, fits, asthma, stomach ache, worms, infertility
complications, snake bites, diarrhea, malaria and is prized for its
anticonvulsive ability. Use in place of Coriander in cooking. Culantro
prefers warm conditions but likes shade and a well drained soil.
It can grow well in pots. Plant the seeds 1 cm deep and keep moist
until established. Plant out into the garden when the soil warms in
spring. Grow them 15-20 cm apart. Unlike Coriander the leaves dry
well and the flavour is not reduced after drying.

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