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 This variety of cabbage is commonly known as the sugarloaf. Its lage conical shape stands out in any vegetable garden and is great for kids to grow. It is very sweet and tender, making it great for salads. Grows in 70-85 days. Packet 1 gram (approx. 300 Seeds)

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Brassica oleracea var capitata

This very hardy vegetable is grown as an annual. The edible head is large (up to 1.5kg), terminal bud composed of tightly packed, overlapping leaves, forming a pointed head. The leaves are green in colour and smooth in texture. Adaptable to a wide range of climates but best as a cool weather crop. It is frost tolerant but not to extremes of heat, which causes the heads to split. Prefers a sunny position with well drained soil that has been made fertile with rotting manure and compost. Commonly known as Sugarloaf. Its large conical shape stands out in any vegetable garden. It is very sweet and tender, making it great for salads. Grows in 70-85 days. The edible head can weigh up to 1.5kg. Very adaptable to climatic conditions. In warm northern areas, sow during most months of the year. Try avoiding wetter seasons. In temperate and cold districts they can be sown from early Spring to Autumn. Usually raised as seedlings and then planted into the vegetable patch. Plant out when seedlings reach 5 - 7 cm and space 40 - 50 cm apart. Use liquid soluble fertilizer every few weeks. Crops will benefit from soil enrichment from compost and manure. Easy to grow from seed.

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